The Kitchener and Waterloo region is home to an extensive network of walking, hiking, and biking trails that offer all-season appeal, are close to our beautiful Barrel Yards community and provide the perfect everyday escape from the hustle and bustle of the thriving urban Kitchener and Waterloo core. Get ready to stretch your legs and soak in some scenery on our best walking trails in Kitchener and Waterloo.

Iron Horse Trail

As part of the Trans Canada Trail, the Iron Horse Trail is high on our list of favourite walking trails. Offering a 5.5 km paved path filled with unique scenery and glimpses of Kitchener and Waterloo’s historical past, you’ll enjoy a refreshing stroll along the former railway corridor between South Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo. Find the Iron Horse Trailhead between Erb St. West in Waterloo and Ottawa Street in Kitchener, and learn more about this trail and how to access it here

Laurel Creek Conservation Area Trail

Located minutes away from Waterloo and Kitchener, Laurel Creek Conservation Area Trail leads you through stunning green spaces, a sandy beach, offers a perfect picnic stop, and 4.5 kilometers of smooth walking trails to soak up some sunshine and fresh air. The park also offers swimming access as well as easy city access to stop by for dining or shopping in Uptown Waterloo. Find a map of Laurel Creek Park here and access this stunning trail and natural space from 625 Westmount Rd. N., Waterloo. 

Walter Bean Grand River Trail

Walter Bean Grand River Trail delivers 8 km of well-maintained trail, with river and golf course views, plenty of mature trees, fantastic bird-watching opportunities and shady spots for hot and sunny days. Pack your binoculars, a picnic lunch, and get ready to enjoy the day surrounded in scenic views – and be sure to keep an eye out for wildflowers, rare trees, birds, and even the occasional white-tail deer. This trail is most popular between March and October and can be accessed from multiple points in Waterloo including the Musagetes trailway at RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex. Learn more about the Walter Bean Grand River Trail, access points, and general information here

Laurentian Trail

This lovely trail connects walkers, hikers, and cyclists along a stretch of schools, parks, and 3 well-maintained kilometers between Kitchener’s Fischer Hallman Road and Homer Watson Boulevard. Largely paved, with access to enjoy a play area, splashpad, basketball court, skatepark, dog park, and more. Public bathroom access is available at McLennan Park – which is just one of the stops along the way, connecting both communities and urban areas together through one highly recommended trail. Grab your sunglasses and favourite walking buddy and enjoy life on the Laurentian Trail.

Spurline Trail

This urban trail appeals to both cyclists and those on two (or four) feet. Connecting Kitchener and Waterloo, the Spurline Trail intersects the Laurel Trail and is close to Uptown Waterloo. Offering 2.4 km of smooth, paved paths, this trail links communities, residents, businesses, parks, and open green spaces for people in the Kitchener and Waterloo region to enjoy healthy commuting options and fresh exercise. Designated as a multi-use, this trail receives year-round maintenance to keep it free from snowy and icy winter conditions and allows for year-round enjoyment.

Trillium Woods Trail

One of Kitchener’s best-kept-secret trails, and a delightful path to spend some time traveling on – Trillium Trail is an absolute must on our list of top trails. Featuring a 30-minute route along a charming wood-chip trail through the woods by Williamsburg Cemetery, you’ll find peaceful scenery, a quaint path to roam, and enjoy quiet contemplation surrounded in natural beauty. Trillium Woods Trail can be accessed from Fisher Hallman Road and offers a wooden footbridge, a winding trail through the nearby woods, and unique historical pieces for your viewing enjoyment along the way. Walkers, hikers, and runners love the beautiful trilliums in the spring and great bird-watching opportunities throughout the year. 

Bechtel Park Trail

The perfect trail for those looking for a quick fix of fresh air and exercise to get your heart-pounding and soak in some beautiful natural scenery amidst the business of urban life. Featuring a 45-minute loop path offering just over 3 kilometers of wood-chip trail, Bechtel Park Trail is short, sweet, and jam-packed with beautiful views. Connected to Bechtel Park, which features forested areas with wetlands, leash-free dog park, playground, soccer fields, batting cages, and more – walkers, hikers, and cross-country skiers can access the trail from 185 Bridge St. in Waterloo, where free parking is available and public bathrooms are accessible during regular business hours. 

West Side Trails

This exceptional trail network is also known as Forested Hills and is the largest woodland in Waterloo, encompassing wetlands, rare plants, migratory birds, and a variety of wildlife. Renowned for spectacular views, a great escape and a bird-watcher’s paradise, the West Side Trails offer natural earthen forest trails, ideal for walking, hiking, or biking. Enjoy the views, but come prepared if you intend to explore some of the more steep and challenging slopes you might find along the way. The West Side Trails system delivers 12 kilometers of paths to travel and the perfect place to plan a picnic or simply some off-the-beaten-path relaxation. Parking is available off Sundew Drive and you can explore more about the West Side Trails here

Dom Cardillo Trail

Linking Centreville Chicopee Community Centre, Chicopee Ski Hill, Idlewood Park & Pool, and Stanley Park Community Centre, the Dom Cardillo Trail runs for almost 4 kilometers and crosses by the base of the ski hill and through the woods of Idlewood Park. Named after the second longest serving former Mayor of Kitchener; the Dom Cardillo Trail is now enjoyed by walkers, hikers, and cyclists as well as cross-country-skiers and snowshoers in the winter. 

Uptown Loop

The Uptown Loop offers Kitchener and Waterloo residents and visitors alike with three separate, unique trails to choose from. 

The Lake Walk delivers a cultural and historical tour of the area and features trails throughout Waterloo Park, alongside Silver Lake, the Grist Mill, Perimeter Institute, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery and more. Walkers can travel this route in 20 minutes for a quick break from the everyday before heading back to busy everyday life in Uptown Waterloo. Explore the Lake Walk map and Points of Interest here

The North Walk is a great self-guided tour of the unique places and spaces Uptown Waterloo has to offer. Showcasing the shopping district, the Carnegie Library, Albert Heritage Conservation District, the old post office, train station and Waterloo Public Library – walkers will find exercise, insight, architecture, and pure enjoyment while traveling along the North Walk. Learn more about the stops along the way and enjoy this 30-minute trail, outlined in depth with a printable map here

The South Walk is one of our nearby favourites and offers an engaging tour of the historic distillery district, with sights along the way including the old Seagram Distillery, Waterloo Public Square, heritage sites, Brewmeister Green, Barrel Warehouse Park, and more. You can find the complete walking guide with maps and points of interest for all Uptown Loop walking trails here


For walkers, hikers, bikers, and trail lovers alike, we highly recommend these walking trails in Kitchener and Waterloo to help you enjoy life in and around our fantastic Barrel Yards community. So grab your hiking shoes, get ready to hit the trails – and if you’d like to plan a tour of our Uptown Waterloo luxury apartments while you’re out exploring, we’d love to hear from you!